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Links - for all things Colored Pencil!
Online magazine and resource centre

The Artist's Magazine
One of my favourite magazines for artists. This publication is full of wonderful stories, exciting news, and helpful "how to" tips.
Colored Pencil Society of America
How to Draw Lifelike Pencil Portraits
Discover How You Too Can Draw Lifelike Pencil Portraits
(by Paul Wilkinson)
AT Creations Web Studios
Our Web Designer

Colored Pencil Central
The web's most comprehensive Colored Pencil Directory. Find hundreds of colored pencil websites, as well as CP blogs, CP books, CP Workshops and more.

Borgeson Studio's
Hands On Practice

Assignments and exercises designed to help build, broaden, and refine your art skills.

Other Artists

Martha Bottelson

Angela Fisher

Greg Joens


John McCracken

James McDowell

Raven Okeefe

Lucia Stewart

Corry Stuart

Carol Vandenberg

Sabrina Wakfer

Pat Abbott

Leila Aston

Robin Borrett

Mark Bryan

Shelly Burden

Nicole Caulfield

Robert Chapman

Richard Childs

Teresa Dominici

Bob Ebdon

Kendra Ferreira

Jo Goudie

Lorraine Gray

Gemma Gylling

Phyllis Hornung

Timothy Hughes

Ryan Jacque


Barbara Keith

Juno Kughler

Patsy Lindamood

Robert Lang


Teresa Mallen

Don Marco

Alyona Nickelsen

Siti Nuriati

Dee Overly

James Ownby

Dino Paravano

Gretchen Evans Parker

Paula Pertile

Janet Priborsky

Gary Ruuska

Cesar Santander

Chris Saper

Enzie Shahmiri

Sanford Sigall

Fay Sirkis

Donna Slade

Arlene Steinberg

Jerry Stith

Josephine Symons

Carol Till

Scott Tillett

Karmel Timmons

David VanderPool

Ranjini Venkatachari

Cathy Ward

Alexandra Westelaken



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